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AUGUST: For the Love of Summer

There is nothing better than summertime… time for beaches, hikes, barbeques, and all the other fun activities that go along with our sunny warm weather in the Northwest. It’s also time to give your lawn and garden some care and maintenance. Here’s some tips to help you keep your lawn green and healthy.

Water Wisely
Summer rainfalls in western Washington are nearly as dry as the east side of the state! Let’s start with watering. Newly planted lawns and gardens need regular watering, but at specific times of day. The best time to water your lawn and plants is actually in the early morning hours, before the sun gets high in the sky. Watering in the mid day sun can actually magnify the sun and damage the grass and other plants. On very hot days you can follow up with another watering in the evening hours. When watering plants, use a soaking sprinkler or apply water at the base of the plant for better saturation. By using low flow watering in garden beds for longer time periods will help water infiltrate soil into the plant root zones more effectively than short periods with high water flow.

Pruning Your Plants, Trees and Shrubs
Be sure to deadhead old flower blooms to encourage fall growth. It’s also a great time to refresh mulch around trees, shrubs, and perennials to reduce weeds and slow water evaporation from soil. Aim for a 2- to 3-inch-thick layer. It’s best to wait until fall for final pruning of trees and shrubs. This eliminates the risk of freeze damage to tender new growth on plants caused by pruning late in the growing season. Promoting new growth too late in the season doesn’t allow plants to harden off their plant tissue.

Keep Your Garden Fertilized
Many plants benefit from a midsummer feeding. Give vegetables a summer feeding by scratching slow-release fertilizer into soil beside plants. If you fertilize your flowers, August is the final month of the year for feeding. Fertilizing roses and other blooming plants now will give them the strength they need to harden off before winter. Osmocote is an all-purpose general fertilizer we recommend and you can find it at any local hardware store or nursery. It works great on bushes, flowers and other plants. Be sure to water your fertilized plants and lawn areas to prevent any chemical burn.

Mowing Tips
And after constant lawn mowing of your lush green lawn, you finally get a break! Mowing frequency should slow down as the grass dries out. Raise your mower blades up one setting and keep your grass a bit longer through the summer. Continue with an application of turf building fertilizer as well. By following these simple steps, you will keep your yard looking great throughout summer.

In Conclusion

Remember, it's best to hold off until later in the season for most other lawn care practices, including fertilizing, seeding, thatch control, and applying weed killers. The period from late August through early September is ideal for many of these practices. For now, help your lawn by proper mowing, watering, and keeping foot and vehicle traffic off the grass as much as possible during the heat of the summer months.

Every step of the way, Natural Concept Landscape Co., Inc. is here to assist you with all of your lawn and garden care needs. We offer free consultations and excellent maintenance programs for a very affordable price. We are in the business of making your life a little greener, a little easier, and a lot more enjoyable. We are just a phone call away!
Enjoy the Sunshine!

Making Beautiful Happen

We are pleased with the landscape makeover completed on this lovely home. From rustic yard art enhancing the gardens lining the driveway, welcoming guests to the gorgeous front entry; to enchanting paths, benches and strategically places lighting and boulders. We created a beautiful place for this happy customer to relax and enjoy. This is what we do! We make beautiful happen!

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