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APRIL: April Showers Make a Gorgeous Lawn 

April is an important month for lawn care, especially for 

weed control and fertilizing. While dandelions are great for 

impromptu bouquets or making a batch of home-made 

dandelion wine, they can become quite pesky once they start growing in your lawn. 

Weed control and fertilizing activities don’t take a long time, and the results are well worth it for the carefree and lush yard you'll enjoy during the months to come. To begin, here are some lawn care tools you may find handy. All are readily available and most are not expensive: Dandelion Digger; Edger; Hose; Hose-end Sprayer; Leaf Bags; Mower; Fertilizer Spreader; Leaf Rake; Sprinklers; Herbicide Sprayer; Weed Whacker; and Sod Cutter.

Spring Lawn Care Tips:

  • In April in most zones, you'll be faced with a limited window of time in which to have success with pre-emergent weed control. It should be done in the early spring and spring. In most zones, this is from mid-March until about late April, possibly early May. The reason is that pre-emergent chemicals only work on weed seeds, stopping them from sprouting. Conversely, a weed-and-feed formula only kills weeds that are already growing. You will apply that in May. 

  • Important notes: DO NOT apply pre-emergent weed controls if you have put down new grass seed or new sod. 

  • Fertilize established lawns with a regular, all-season fertilizer in April. If you have re-seeded or are starting new seed in April, apply a lawn-starter food but not a regular fertilizer, which is too strong and will damage the tender grass shoots. In general, spring is not the time to over-seed mature grassy areas. Sod is best used at this time. For a large area, consult an expert landscaper.

  • To fill in small bare spots, prepare the soil and broadcast seed or apply seed patchmaterial. Do not allow these areas to dry out. Keep well watered, even with the spring rains, until new grass plants are established. Be careful when mowing over these areas.

  • If you have spread grass seed or laid grass-patch, these must be kept watered daily, except during rain. Do not allow the soil to dry out between rainfall and water rings. 

  • New sod must be kept well watered. If you see weeds in the sod, cut them out. Mow sod about two inches high, as needed, until June 1st. Then, start mowing new sod with the blade at the highest level.

  • Do not fertilize zoysia in April. It is dormant in most zones now. However, when you do mow it the first time, give it a "buzz cut." Do this about mid-April, and then continue mowing zoysia short, at about two inches, through the growing season.

  • After mid-April, apply controls for white grubs and mole crickets, which can severely damage grass plants. These controls can also be applied in May, June or July, as needed.

  • April is a good month to aerate ("plug" or "core") mature sod. This gives established grass plants more air and growing space. It’s best done with a machine, which can be rented.

  • During normal mowing, if grass is very long, collect the clippings. If it is not too long, mulch the clippings. They will decompose quickly and release nitrogen back into the soil.

  • April isn't too late to get a lawn mower tune-up. You may have to wait longer at this time of year, because of the demand on service shops, but it’ll be worth it and the cost is usually minimal. A mower tune-up should include: blade-sharpening, replacement of spark plugs, oil and oil filter change, fuel filter cleaning or change, and any other repairs or replacements that will bring the mower into top running condition.

In Conclusion
Natural Concept Landscape Co., Inc. is ready to assist you with all of your lawn care needs, offering preventative maintenance as well as on-going lawn and garden maintenance options. We are in the business of making your life a little greener, a little easier, and a lot more enjoyable. Should you notice any problem areas in your lawn, please give us a call to schedule a consultation. Your lawn will be happy you called us… And you will be too! Happy Spring!

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The Beauty of Nature... 

Natural Concept Landscape Co., Inc. offers a full spectrum of landscape design, installation, and maintenance options. Our Design Team, Ground Crews and Office Staff look forward to helping you with all of your lawn and garden needs. We are in the business of Making Beautiful Happen!

NCLC Offers Exciting Putting Green Options for Your Backyard!

NCLC has partnered with Synthetic Turn Northwest and Advantage Golf Greens to be able to offer you the very best in residential synthetic grass and golf greens. With over 20 years experience, and locally owned, this company offers the highest quality synthetic turf products that are made in America. If you are interested in having a putting green installed, please contact our offices at 360-668-8530 or bonnie@nclandscape.com.